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"Laura El Alam is a skilled editor whose professionalism is matched by her talent and experience as a writer.  Her passion for writing is felt in each of her essays, posts, and articles as she eloquently moves the reader into her written world.  As an editor, she is able to keep the writer's voice intact while enhancing the writing and perfecting the grammar.  I'm pleased to work with Laura at every opportunity and highly reccommend her as a writer and editor."

Hana Khatib of Pepper & Pine

Pile Of Books

"Laura El Alam is a pleasure to work with. She is patient and very helpful. Her prices are reasonable and she’s flexible. I would definitely use her services again and would recommend her to others. If you’re looking for an editor who is prompt, courteous and will go out her way to provide an excellent editing and proofreading service then look no further."

Maryam Yousaf, Author


"Working with Laura is always an absolute pleasure.  She puts her heart into every word she writes. I was her editor for a number of years and despite not meeting face to face, she was always able to communicate her vision and produce amazing pieces every time. She has become a friend to me and I can't wait to work with her again."

Khadijah Hayley, Editor and Creative Writing Coach

On the Desk

"Laura is an exceptional writer and experienced editor who makes messaging crystal clear for the reader. She pays careful attention to detail and brings her passion for writing into everything she does."

Megan Wyatt, Founder of Wives of Jannah


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